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Welcome to Contrast Colours

We are the only Australian resource that assists Architects, Interior Designers and Builders with luminance contrast requirements under AS1428.1-2009 Appendix B.

Dulux has supplied the 4745 colours on the site. Just pick two colours that you wish to compare, hit 'Calculate' and the luminance  contrast % will be shown

All luminance contrast requirements are 30%, with the exception of discrete tactile ground surface indicators (45%) and composite TGSI (60%). For your additional information, a page has been set up that shows the various building elements that require luminance contrast.

We have created a formula calculator that compares LRV colours, based on AS1428.1-2009 Appendix B.
Our calculator allows you to enter any 2 colours to give a percentage.
The resulting calculation percentage-- if less than 30% fails the BCA requirement, if equal or greater than 30%, your chosen colours pass the BCA requirement.

* The contrast colours website is to be used as a design tool only and should not be used to verify/test luminance reflectivity of building elements during construction stage. Independent testing by 3rdparties is required.


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